Software Upgrades in Montana

Nothing brings a business to its knees like computer problems. If your computers are experiencing immediate issues or are overdue for support, Tech Service Company won’t waste any time in setting things right.

We’re available 24/7 for emergency services and will support anything we install, service or upgrade, to ensure it stays running right.

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  • New OS upgrades

    Staying up to date with software upgrades in Montana is important—especially new versions of your operating system. Current versions close gaps in security and known issues, allowing you to compute with confidence. We’ll handle the upgrade so everything goes smoothly and we can help you stay on top of upgrades as they’re rolled out.

  • Data recovery

    Data loss can happen at any time and when it does, you’ll need to consult an expert in data recovery in Montana. We’ll assist you in salvaging lost data to the best of our abilities, and we can help you plan ahead for future issues with proper backups and storage.

  • Software installation

    Need new enterprise software installed across your business? We’ll handle the complete installation and activation, so you can quickly get your staff running up to speed. Whether it’s a few workstations or an entire department, we’ll facilitate the installation and make sure everything works.

  • Virus protection

    Don’t let your business fall victim to spyware, malware, ransomware or any other viruses. We install and manage virus protection for enterprise clients, keeping your network secure and your data well-protected.

  • Troubleshooting

    Suffering from slow network speeds? Problems launching files or retrieving data? When you need troubleshooting from a professional, give us a call. We’ll get to the bottom of things to get your computers back up and running at full capacity.

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Compute with Confidence

Computer problems shouldn’t hamper your business any longer than it takes to fix them. At Tech Service Company, we work quickly to provide a full range of diagnosis and upgrade services, keeping your tech working properly at all times.

Reach us today, 24 hours a day, at 406-443-0500.

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