Fiber Optic Installation in Montana

Tech Service Company specializes in fiber optic installation in Montana, regardless of the size or complexity of your business’ needs. From complete backbone fiber installations, to smaller structured cabling jobs, to fiber testing and more, we bring the equipment and expertise necessary for excellence to each and every job.

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fiber optic cable install
  • Structured cabling

    We specialize in delivering optical fiber for structured cabling, giving your business the reliability and lightning-fast speeds that come with fiber. Regardless of the size or scope of your structured cabling needs, count on us to meet them. We practice great cable management and install with precision, ensuring no issues between entrance facilities and work-area components.

  • New building installations

    As a complete fiber installer in Montana, we have the ability to install fiber throughout your building, inside and out. Our capabilities extend to Outside Plant (OSP), Inside Plant (ISP) and Indoor/Outdoor (I/O) fiber installations. Whether you’re retrofitting an older building with modern fiber cabling or setting up fiber for a brand-new development, we’re the ones to call for a reliable installation.

  • Fiber testing

    Problems with your fiber? We can test it to determine if there’s a disruption or loss anywhere within the system. Not only do we have the light source and power meter (LSPM) and optical loss test set (OLTS) equipment to deduce loss within your fiber, we can properly evaluate the specific area, to ensure the right repairs are being made.

  • Backbone fiber

    For data centers and larger businesses, we’re adept at delivering backbone cabling as a segment of our structured cabling services. While other companies may not have the ability to take on fiber jobs of this size, scope and complexity, we can, assuring a long-term, reliable solution to your complete networking needs.

fiber optic cable install

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Is your business taking advantage of the speed and reliability of fiber optic cabling? If not, it’s time to upgrade. Tech Service Company will assist you with the installation, delivering results that speak for themselves. Reach us today at 406-443-0500 to begin discussing the scope of your installation job.
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