Network Installation in Montana

Your business demands a network infrastructure that’s reliable, fast and comprehensive. Tech Service Company understands this, which is why we offer complete network installation in Montana. From new hardware and software upgrades, to integrations and management, we’ll ensure your network is always running with peak efficiency.
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  • Install new routers

    If you’re expanding multiple networks within your business, you’re going to need routers capable of handling the bandwidth. We’ll help you evaluate your network demands and configure routers that enable clear and unencumbered connection to the internet. Whether you need ethernet, Wi-Fi or both, we’ll ensure every connection is flawless.

  • Configure switches

    As your company grows and adds more connected devices and expands its overall network size, you’re going to need new switches to keep up with demand. We can help you choose the right switch configuration for your requirements and will make sure it’s set up seamlessly to avoid any downtime or connectivity issues.

  • Install new servers

    Don’t risk running your business on a dinosaur server that could go down at any minute. We’ll outfit your business with the trust and reliability of a new server, delivering complete server setup in Montana. Let us improve the reliability and capabilities of your business’ servers, so your employees are able to access what they need and get work done with ease.

  • Upgrade software

    Is your server’s software within date? If not, you could be vulnerable to cybersecurity issues or data loss. We’ll be happy to evaluate your software to make sure any security gaps are closed and that you’re benefitting from current support.

  • Data rack services

    If your data rack is a rat’s nest of cabling and stacked with unorganized tech, it’s time to call in the professionals to organize it. We perform complete data rack services to keep your servers, routers and switches organized, with everything easily serviced and maintained.

  • Integrations

    Are you expanding and building a completely new network that needs integration with your existing IT infrastructure? We specialize in integrations and will ensure your architecture is set up to support seamless access for all of your connected devices and data.

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If the time has come to update your network features or you need a seasoned expert to configure your growing network infrastructure, Tech Service Company is here to help.

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