How Much Tech Support Do You Need?

December 3, 2019

IT management can often fall by the wayside for small companies that cannot afford to keep a full-time IT person on staff. However, if you want reliable functionality out of all of your tech equipment and networks, it’s important that you at least maintain some level of tech support that you can outsource to a third-party organization, paying as you use their services rather than paying for a full-time employee’s salary and benefits.

But how do you know what level of service you need? Here’s a quick overview for getting tech support services for different business sizes in Montana.

Consider your growth

The point at which you will need to reach out to professional IT management providers for assistance will depend on your company’s specific circumstances. If you’ve just got a few people and you’re working for a brand-new startup, you might only need occasional consultation for tech needs. However, if you’re working with upwards of 100 people using computers and other devices, you’re going to need to bring someone on full-time.

Small companies will want to make sure any tech support company they work with will be able to scale their services easily as the company grows. You should be able to work with the tech service provider to create a blueprint for your future based on your current growth levels, so there will be no IT surprises once you reach certain milestones.

Any reliable IT management firm will stay on top of current trends in the tech industry to know when products are updating and evolving. They will understand how these developments could factor into your growth and scaling up of your IT management services.

Consider your current IT needs

You should consider your current data security and backup situations, your current email hosting, the operating systems and software you use, your antivirus protection and the types of devices you and your employees use on a regular basis. The wider the variety in each of these categories or the larger the number of users, the greater your IT needs will be.

Any consultant you work with should be able to find tools that will fit your business’s size and type. There are certain types of companies that won’t have anywhere near the needs of others with regards to storage, computing power or additional security beyond standard network security practices. Not all companies deal with personally identifiable information, or store a ton of data on their networks. As important as it is to make sure you’re getting quality services, you also want to avoid overkill and situations where you’re paying for much more than what you actually need.

Any time you’re on the hunt for an IT management firm, make sure it’s a company that’s capable of providing the level of service you require, growing with you over time and helping you stay secure and comfortable with your tech situation. For more information about getting tech support services for different business sizes in Montana, we encourage you to contact the team at Tech Service Company today.

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