The Importance of Providing Wi-Fi For Every Hotel Guest

January 11, 2020

When you’re providing wi-fi connections for your hotel or B&B guests, you’ll naturally want to make sure that every room has the same high-speed internet access. It’s not really optional—today most Americans use smart phones, laptops, tablets and other devices to stay connected with home, work and loved ones.

Montana is well known for our historical buildings, which can come with the challenge of identifying how to maintain the aesthetic and charm while still providing modern convenience and luxury. Have you been considering updating your network speed or investing in network installation in your Montana historical building? Here’s how to make sure you can provide wi-fi access for every hotel guest:

  • Perform a wireless site survey: Any good internet company will perform a wireless site survey first, in order to determine where your equipment should be placed for best coverage, what kind and how much. This will help you move on to the design portion.
  • Design and install your network with your guests in mind: Next, you’ll work with your internet service to design and install the network. Keep your guests in mind and opt for the highest possible speeds—as technology improves, the faster your service, the better.
  • Secure your network: Security, of course, is necessary. Today many people use the internet for banking, shopping and sharing other sensitive material, so having a secure network is crucial. Your internet service company will help you determine settings and what configurations are right for your particular business.
  • Install a splash page: This is a great marketing tool, whether your wi-fi is free or your guests will need to purchase a package. Even if you don’t charge extra for wi-fi, your splash page is the first thing a guest will see when they open the internet. You can provide social media links, special offers and other important hotel information.
  • Troubleshoot: If you find “dead spots” in your wi-fi coverage, don’t worry. This is common in historical buildings, especially those made from brick or stone—the wi-fi waves have a harder time traveling through thick walls. You can easily purchase adapters that plug into the walls and use your power lines to transmit data, making it possible for every guest to have high-speed access.

When you choose an internet service company to partner with, be sure they have experience installing networks within historical buildings. A contractor with this specific expertise will be able to identify challenges well before they present any problems.

Upgrade your network speed in Montana

Tech Service Company offers network, enterprise and telecom services for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We can get your hotel’s or B&B’s network up and running, and offer 24/7 support so that you and your guests are never without connectivity. When it’s time to offer the best internet service to your valued guests, call Tech Service Company to get you up and running. Contact us today to get an estimate on service for your building. We look forward to working with you soon!

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