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Extreme Cold and the Internet: Does Temperature Have an Effect?

January 25, 2020

Have you heard that extreme cold reduces internet speed in Montana? You might be wondering if that could possibly be true, but are frustrated with the way your streaming services cut out on the stormiest days. While it’s true that extreme cold can have an effect on your internet speed, it’s probably not for the reasons you think. Read on to learn more. How your internet works To troubleshoot just why your connection is slowing down on nasty winter days, you’ll need to know what kind of internet you’re using. Most Americans today use a broadband service, whether DSL, cable... View Article

The Importance of Providing Wi-Fi For Every Hotel Guest

January 11, 2020

When you’re providing wi-fi connections for your hotel or B&B guests, you’ll naturally want to make sure that every room has the same high-speed internet access. It’s not really optional—today most Americans use smart phones, laptops, tablets and other devices to stay connected with home, work and loved ones. Montana is well known for our historical buildings, which can come with the challenge of identifying how to maintain the aesthetic and charm while still providing modern convenience and luxury. Have you been considering updating your network speed or investing in network installation in your Montana historical building? Here’s how to... View Article

What Happens in Retail When the Network Goes Down?

December 17, 2019

Retail companies need a reliable internet connection to operate efficiently. If the network goes down, it is likely retailers will struggle to process sales, as most point-of-sale systems rely on an internet connection these days. But it’s not just point-of-sale systems that go down—security systems, databases, digital signage and more can all be affected by retail network outages in Montana. Even though today’s networks and technology are far more reliable than ever before, the vast majority of retailers say they still experience unexpected outages at least once a year. Of that group of retailers, a healthy majority say they lost... View Article

How Much Tech Support Do You Need?

December 3, 2019

IT management can often fall by the wayside for small companies that cannot afford to keep a full-time IT person on staff. However, if you want reliable functionality out of all of your tech equipment and networks, it’s important that you at least maintain some level of tech support that you can outsource to a third-party organization, paying as you use their services rather than paying for a full-time employee’s salary and benefits. But how do you know what level of service you need? Here’s a quick overview for getting tech support services for different business sizes in Montana. Consider... View Article

How Does VoIP Work?

September 14, 2019

Maybe you’ve heard of VoIP—Voice over Internet Protocol—but you have no idea what it is, let alone how it works. Not to worry: at Tech Service Company, we’re experts at VoIP network computer setup in MT. VoIP is, at its simplest, a way to make free phone calls over the internet. It takes analog signals, like talking on the phone, and transmits them into data that can be sent over the internet. There are specific VoIP companies, but more and more often, phone and cable companies are adding them to their packages as well. Types of VoIP There are three... View Article

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