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Major Updates Coming in 2019 for Office Networking

January 2, 2019

There’s big news for office networking in 2019: Microsoft will be releasing brand new versions of Windows 10 on a set schedule throughout the year, and will also be retiring older versions of Windows from support.

While businesses and other consumers are capable of ignoring schedules for upgrades as they wish, it is a better idea for all IT personnel at companies across the globe to mark their calendar with some of the biggest upcoming dates. Staying up to date with these upgrades is important—there have been some significant changes to the operating system since it was released more than three years ago.

Here are some of the key dates to know. For more information, reach out to a trusted computer diagnostic service in MT:

  • January 15: Around this time, Microsoft will declare that Windows 10 1809 has been “thoroughly tested” by consumers, meaning it will be ready for broader deployment. This update, which was developed in late 2018, will start showing up on Windows 10 Pro, Pro Workstation and Enterprise PCs that use Windows Update for Business (WUfB).
  • March 12: This is the earliest date at which Windows 10 1903 will launch—it will happen sometime between March 12 and late April. Both 1803 and 1809 were released weeks later than Microsoft had initially planned, so it stands to reason that the March 12 date might turn into a late April release. We won’t know for sure until the date gets closer, but it’s still an important date for IT pros to know.
  • April 9: Beginning on this day, Microsoft will no longer serve security updates to Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Pro Workstation systems that are running version 1709, which was the Fall Creators Update that came out in 2017. This is also the date that will mark the end of updates for Windows 10 Enterprise 1607, known as the “Anniversary Update,” which came out in August 2016. This will have been the very first Windows 10 feature upgrade to get 30 or more months of support.
  • July 15: Around this time, Microsoft will notify customers of the stability of Windows 10 1903, allowing it to be deployed on all corporate PCs.
  • September 10: Sometime between this date and late October, Windows 10 1909 will start to reach users. It will be dubbed the “October 2019 Update.”
  • October 8: Around this date, Microsoft will provide the last updates to Windows 10 Enterprise 1703 and Windows 10 Education 1703, the “Creators Update,” marking their 30-month anniversary. Customers will need to move to a newer upgrade.
  • November 12: On this day, support for Windows 10 1803 on Windows 10 Home, Pro and Pro Workstation will cease.

There are additional dates that have been released for 2020 already, including the retirement of Windows 7 from all support in January. But it’s the 2019 dates that should be marked in your calendars as soon as possible.

For more information about some of these changes and upgrades, contact Tech Service Company or visit our computer diagnostic service in MT today.

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