How Big Should a Server Room Be?

August 16, 2019

When considering a home, buyers typically look at square footage. Will my furniture fit? Will my kids have room to play? When considering office space, business owners ask similar questions: Is there enough space for my employees? Will clients feel comfortable meeting there? When it comes to server installation in MT, it’s important to make the right considerations for this space, too.

While it’s easy to place this low on the priority list, that would be a mistake. With significant portions of modern businesses reliant on networks and servers, it’s essential to get this space right. Here’s what to keep in mind as you design your server room.

Equipment Use

What equipment do you plan to use? Will you need high ceilings to accommodate it? What square footage is appropriate for your systems? Be sure to consider future needs as you plan the footprint. You don’t want to limit future capabilities because your server room is too small.

Air Circulation

Electronics need room to breathe. Be sure to allow enough space to avoid overheating, and incorporate a plan to keep the air circulating. Experts in server installation in MT can help you design appropriate ventilation for your server room to protect your equipment.

Weight Distribution

As you plan your server room size, consider weight distribution of the equipment you use. Allow enough space to appropriately distribute equipment for safe storage and operation. One light-weight shelf for heavy-duty hardware won’t cut it.


Keep in mind that it’s important to be able to monitor all elements of your server room. Server room installation in MT should not consist of shoving everything in a closet in the basement and hoping for the best. You must appropriately monitor humidity, temperature and security measures for your server room. Professionals in server installation in MT can help you with these processes.


As you plan the size of your server room, don’t forget to consider power supply. You’ll need to allow for appropriate configurations to avoid overheated equipment and power fluctuation issues. This may also help determine the location of your server room, since you’ll need to be able to run appropriate power sources to the area.


The layout of your server room can be just as important as the size. Consider cords, attachments and hardware as you determine the size and shape of your server room. Don’t forget access points. If you need server repair or other maintenance, you must be able to access the equipment. Make your server room big enough for both electronics and humans.

Get Professional Input

If you’re in need of server installation in MT, seek expert advice as you design your server room. Don’t leave the details to guesswork. Partnering with a pro will allow you to avoid making design mistakes that you will regret down the line. Contact the team at Tech Service Company for all your server needs. Specializing in an array of services for fiber optics, telecom and network support, we are your go-to source for server installation in MT. Call us today to set your business up for success.

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