How to Prevent Network Damage from Power Outages

October 2, 2019

In our digital world, network data loss in MT is a top concern during power outages. If this occurs, the results could vary from minor inconvenience to crippling losses. Fortunately, there are steps that businesses can take to prevent network damage.

Use the following guide to minimize your risk of network data loss in MT. For additional tips, contact your local experts at Tech Service Company.

Know your weak spots

Even Superman is vulnerable to something. What is your company’s kryptonite? Identify what areas of your business could be most affected by a power outage. What systems or processes could your business not operate without, if network damage occurred?

Once you’ve identified these areas of vulnerability, take steps to protect them. Create backup plans to keep operations running even if you lose power or are unable to access your network.

Cover all the bases

Even if you have a plan in place to work through a power outage, take additional steps to cover all your bases. Back up all information in more than one place, so you don’t lose everything if a system goes down, fails entirely or is destroyed during a disaster.

Additionally, communicate with all employees how power outages will be handled. Will everyone work from home? Are systems in place to do this?

Lastly, have the basics on hand for safety during an outage. Flashlights, first aid kits and surge protectors are the basic essentials.

Consider backup

Is backup power an option? You may want to invest in a generator or batteries that allow you to maintain operations during an extended power outage.

You may also want to consider technical backup. Experts in technology can help you set up systems that deliver reliability and convenience. Partner with these professionals to create a network that can withstand outages and bring you back online as quickly as possible.

Follow proper procedures

If you experience a power outage, it’s important to follow proper procedures to recover from this situation. First, turn everything off or unplug it. Then, check your fuses and all electrical components for damage. Replace any fuses or breakers as needed. Next, plug everything back in. Lastly, turn on equipment in the proper order, starting with managed switches, then routers, then modems.

Insure your operations

The right business insurance coverage can further protect your operations. Not all policies include coverage for these types of situations, so be sure to review coverage options with your insurance carrier. Look for business interruption insurance and property insurance that includes damage related to storms and electrical issues. If customer information is at risk, be sure to include this coverage as well.

Get protection

For professional assistance with your network protection and to minimize your risk of network data loss in MT, contact the team at Tech Service Company. Family owned and operated, we specialize in enterprise, network support and telecom services for businesses. We have dedicated over 30 years to providing Helena, MT and the surrounding communities with quality service and support. We are Cisco certified technicians, ICC master installers and fiber-optic certified. Call us today with any questions or to enlist our services to protect your systems.

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